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Jennifer Lawrence Fell in Dior Again

Jennifer Lawrence just totally pulled a Jennifer Lawrence.
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Despite the fact that she wears strapless Dior gowns to just about every red carpet event she attends, Jennifer Lawrence, a spokeswoman for the brand, has still not mastered the art of walking in them.

In a truly unbelievable moment, Lawrence completely fell -- to her knees -- in the red Dior number she chose for tonight's festivities, just minutes after arriving. It was slightly less elegant than her first Oscars fall, which occurred as she was walking up the steps to accept her award.

This time, as you can watch above, the incident occurred as she was waving to someone. Then, down she went, nearly bringing a nearby friend down with her as she tried to grasp onto her for leverage. Some police men who were weirdly surrounding her helped her up. And then she laughed hysterically and, allegedly, pulled a Slim Jim out of her purse. She was thinking about cake during last year's fall, so maybe she had that meaty snack on her mind this time.

We like JLaw too much to speculate that this was a publicity stunt, as incredible as it is that she fell down at two Oscars events in a row. So either she's really clumsy, or gets really drunk before these things. We're fine with either and can't wait to see what she does next!

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