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Karl Lagerfeld Can Now Help You Digitally Express Your Feelings with Branded Emojis

Karl Lagerfeld emojis are finally here. And yes, there's a Choupette one.
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For a man of very few emotions -- he's so often shielded by his sunglasses that really the only expression we're able to perceive is "smug" -- Karl Lagerfeld isn't the first man we'd choose to help us express our own feelings. But now, thanks to a new phone app, he's going to do just that.

To promote his new perfumes, Karl Lagerfeld -- or, more likely, someone working for his company -- has released an app that creates Karl-themed emojis. (It's worth noting that Lagerfeld isn't first on the fashion emoji scene -- Harper's Bazaar released a very similar app just in time for fashion week.)

Here's how it works: You open up the app, called emotiKarl, and type a message using both regular letters and Karl emojis, which range from Karl faces, Choupette faces, and fingerless glove-clad hands in various gestures. Then, you save and share the message through the method of your choice -- you can send via text, various social media channels, or just save to your phone.

The downside is that the message saves as an image, and doesn't work natively with your keyboard like real emojis do. Also, there's no middle finger emoji, which I think would be perfect in a Karl-esque fingerless glove (Come on, I know I'm not the only one waiting for a flipping-the-bird emoji here).

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But it's still a lot of fun -- and, because it's free, probably the cheapest Karl Lagerfeld product you'll ever find. You can download the app in iTunes for the iPhone or in Google Play for the Android.