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Karl Lagerfeld Decided to Design a Hotel Because He Already Has Too Many Houses

Having an excessive number of homes can be tough.
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We all know Karl Lagerfeld's interests extend far beyond fashion design: He dabbles in everything from teaching to drawing to pens to helicopters. But one of his true passions outside of fashion seems to be interior design.

He's nabbed decorating gigs at a few hotels over the years, including the pool of the Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo in Monaco and suites at the Hotel de Crillon. And because the Chanel and Fendi designer apparently has all kinds of time, for his next interiors project, he's designing an entire 270-room hotel, in Macau, China.

So why does Lagerfeld keep designing hotels? He tells WWD that he gets frustrated when he wants to design a new space, but then remembers he already has too many houses and probably shouldn't buy another. "I have more houses than I need and I don’t want to do any anymore. So I can — how could I say? — get rid of my frustration by doing hotels.” Ugh, same. I hate it when I realize I have more houses than necessary.

Lagerfeld seems pretty efficient and detail-oriented, so we imagine he'd make a perfectly good interior designer, as long as he gets to do whatever he wants. “You know, Gabrielle Chanel always said, ‘I only make dresses I would wear.’ And I make only rooms where I would like to sleep. It’s as simple as that."

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In other words, Lagerfeld is just trying to build different versions of his house all over the world. It's pretty genius, actually. This way, he can be comfortable wherever he goes.