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Kate Middleton and Someone Who Isn't Kate Middleton Dressed Alike at a Wedding

We can't even comprehend the emotional distress this woman must be experiencing.
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Women the world over are keen on copying Kate Middleton's sophisticated yet approachable wardrobe -- so much so that there's been an entire "effect" named after the shopping frenzy her every public appearance seems to inspire. But most of them probably don't factor in the emotional scarring that would surely result should they actually run into the Duchess dressed like twinsies.

Such was the case for one poor woman (who's most likely actually quite well-off, but never mind) who attended a wedding over the weekend wearing an M Missoni blue tweed coat -- which would have been all fine and dandy had Prince George's mum not been at the very same wedding wearing the very same coat!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!

According to Grazia, the coat was originally released in fall 2010 -- several months before the Royal Wedding. So it's quite possible that this K-Mid imposter may have purchased hers prior to the Kate Middleton Effect even having taken full... effect.

Still, we can't help but feel sorry for her: As lovely as this as-yet anon web sensation looks in her fit-for-a-princess ensemble, there's really no best-dressed competition when your clothing doppelganger has two princes for accessories.

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