Kate Upton Threatens Lawsuit, Lena Dunham Strips for SNL, Lindsey Wixson for Eres

And Karl Lagerfeld is the latest to dub Cara Delevingne this generation's Kate Moss.
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Lindsey Wixson goes on a dreamy vacation in Eres' spring campaign. We want to go to there. {Fashion Gone Rogue}

Cue the Victoria's 'Secret' jokes: The man that VS CEO Sharen Turney had an affair with four years ago is apparently writing a tell-all book, despite the company's best efforts to shut it down. {Page Six}

Big rumor: Balenciaga campaign girl Kristen Stewart might be the new face of Nike. {Harper's Bazaar}

Elisabeth Moss makes the shirtless overalls look seem remarkably fresh on the cover of New York Mag, talks about her extremely short-lived marriage to Fred Armisen. {New York Mag}

Gosh, Taylor Swift just has so much fun with her lady friends. Tay swapped out road tripping with Karlie Kloss for a New York playdate with Lorde over the weekend. {Us Magazine}

Lena Dunham got naked for an Adam and Eve-themed SNL sketch, and it was good. {Jezebel}

Elsewhere in Dunham-land, the actress/director gave a keynote speech at SXSW, saying that she's trying to do her part to broaden the range of roles that actresses are offered in Hollywood. {Variety}

Yet again, blackface/tribal paint in a fashion editorial, this time in Vogue Italia. It's still not okay, guys. Still not okay. {Jezebel}

Kate Upton is threatening a lawsuit against a website that photoshopped another women's breasts onto one of Upton's Sports Illustrated photos. Stay classy, Internet. {TMZ}

Nowness is debuting its first shoppable video. Does it make you want to buy, buy, buy? {WWD}

Facial exercises: Ridiculous or a healthy alternative to Botox? {Refinery29}

Beyoncé, Jennifer Garner, the Girl Scouts of America and LeanIn.org are all teaming up to put a stop to girls being labeled "bossy" when decisive behavior makes boys "leaders." {People}

Karl Lagerfeld dubs Cara Delevingne the second coming of Kate Moss... and Charlie Chaplin. {Sunday Times}

Miley Cyrus missed a costume change at a Milwaukee concert last night, so she ran onstage in her underwear. Not that we really noticed the difference. {Cosmopolitan}

For all the fashion history buffs out there, British Vogue will be selling archival prints starting Mar. 14. Get 'em while they're hot! {WWD}