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Kate Upton Threatens Lawsuit, Lena Dunham Strips for SNL, Lindsey Wixson for Eres

And Karl Lagerfeld is the latest to dub Cara Delevingne this generation's Kate Moss.

Lindsey Wixson goes on a dreamy vacation in Eres' spring campaign. We want to go to there. {Fashion Gone Rogue}

Cue the Victoria's 'Secret' jokes: The man that VS CEO Sharen Turney had an affair with four years ago is apparently writing a tell-all book, despite the company's best efforts to shut it down. {Page Six}

Big rumor: Balenciaga campaign girl Kristen Stewart might be the new face of Nike. {Harper's Bazaar}

Elisabeth Moss makes the shirtless overalls look seem remarkably fresh on the cover of New York Mag, talks about her extremely short-lived marriage to Fred Armisen. {New York Mag}

Gosh, Taylor Swift just has so much fun with her lady friends. Tay swapped out road tripping with Karlie Kloss for a New York playdate with Lorde over the weekend. {Us Magazine}

Lena Dunham got naked for an Adam and Eve-themed SNL sketch, and it was good. {Jezebel}

Elsewhere in Dunham-land, the actress/director gave a keynote speech at SXSW, saying that she's trying to do her part to broaden the range of roles that actresses are offered in Hollywood. {Variety}

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Yet again, blackface/tribal paint in a fashion editorial, this time in Vogue Italia. It's still not okay, guys. Still not okay. {Jezebel}

Kate Upton is threatening a lawsuit against a website that photoshopped another women's breasts onto one of Upton's Sports Illustrated photos. Stay classy, Internet. {TMZ}

Nowness is debuting its first shoppable video. Does it make you want to buy, buy, buy? {WWD}

Facial exercises: Ridiculous or a healthy alternative to Botox? {Refinery29}

Beyoncé, Jennifer Garner, the Girl Scouts of America and are all teaming up to put a stop to girls being labeled "bossy" when decisive behavior makes boys "leaders." {People}

Karl Lagerfeld dubs Cara Delevingne the second coming of Kate Moss... and Charlie Chaplin. {Sunday Times}

Miley Cyrus missed a costume change at a Milwaukee concert last night, so she ran onstage in her underwear. Not that we really noticed the difference. {Cosmopolitan}

For all the fashion history buffs out there, British Vogue will be selling archival prints starting Mar. 14. Get 'em while they're hot! {WWD}