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Kate Upton Says She Doesn't Want to Be 'Cheap and Cheesy'

The model talks about the fine line of being sexy vs. being cheesy and how she's using social media.
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Once you've gotten past that controversial Kim and Kanye cover of April's Vogue -- provided you didn't actually unsubscribe or burn it or whatever it is people are threatening to do -- there's a lovely piece by Jonathan Van Meter profiling the O.G. of social media models, Kate Upton. (It's called out on the cover, actually, but we don't blame you if you didn't notice in your rage blackout.)

Van Meter explores the recent phenomenon of models who find a voice using social media, which Upton famously (infamously?) spearheaded with her YouTube videos of the Dougie and the Cat Daddy. But despite having scored everything from a couple of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers to her own cover of Vogue, Upton admits there's was never a social media master plan to her success.

“People think I am an expert on social media, but I am still trying to figure it out, too. How much do you want to put yourself out there?”

Van Meter reports that she "lets out a honk." "Well, I am out there," she adds. "There’s no turning back for me.”

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And out there, she is. Upton has bared more than a little skin in the course of her career -- but that, too, lacks any sort of calculation on her part. "It’s just part of my personality, and maybe some things I took too far, but . . . I like being sexy,” Upton tells Van Meter, adding that she "definitely has limits."

"There’s a line between becoming, you know, a little cheap and cheesy versus being sexy," she says. "And I try to be very careful of that line.”

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