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Kim Kardashian Undergoes Mind-Blowing* Makeunder to Fool Fans

*Depending on how easily your mind is blown.
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We would pay good money to hear what Kanye West thinks about this: Kim Kardashian got a very major make-under for Oxygen's new show, "Celebrities Undercover."

The show, you see, has the totally original concept of disguising celebrities and putting them amongst fans so they can see if they have ~tru fans~ or just "hungry tigers" (thank you, Paris Hilton, for that useful phrase).

Makeup artists attached prosthetics to Kardashian's face, gave her a wacky wig and a pair of glasses, slapped some non-body con clothing on her, and called it a disguise. Always eager to help, Kardashian also puts on some weird accent. Fans: Fooled! She even fools her very own sister Kourtney and her beau Scott Disick! The miracle of makeup, people.

(And don't worry guys -- the fans totally passed the test. Phew!)

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Here's my biggest question, though: How did they cover up Kardashian's derriere? Not to be that person, but Kardashian has one of the most best-known bums in the biz -- surely her diehard fans would have recognized her that way. Did they have her just walk along walls? Did they tape it down? I have questions, Oxygen. Questions that must be answered.

You can see more of Kardashian's mind-blowing transformation over at Oxygen.

*Depending on how easily your mind is blown.