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Lauren's New Favorite Eyeliner

It isn't "inky" like most other liquid eyeliners, so it's much easier to achieve a straight line even if your hand is a little wobbly.

Some time ago -- specifically, the day I calculated that my boyfriend got about five hours more sleep/reading-The-New-Yorker time each week because he didn't have to prep his hair or face for work every morning -- I decided to seriously cut back on my beauty routine.

For a few weeks, I forewent hair and makeup prep altogether; then, tired of seeing my shiny forehead and helter-skelter eyebrows, I reintroduced foundation, eyebrow filler (the same as Dhani's), mascara and, on some days, blush. But eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner? Forget it. Even though I missed how much bigger (and frankly, less tired) my eyes looked with eyeliner, I wasn't going to make time to do it on a regular basis.

And then I discovered Eyeko x Alexa Chung's "eye do" eyeliner, which I picked up at a show (I can't remember which) during London Fashion Week. I put it on for the first time last Wednesday, and I've been wearing it every day since. Why? Because it's wonderfully easy to apply. It has a thick felt tip, so I don't need to draw out a top layer and fill the bottom in, and isn't "inky" like the other eyeliners I've tried, and so it's much easier to achieve a straight line even if my hand is a little wobbly. I also like that it's a very soft black, which doesn't make my eyes look flat and stark like most black eyeliners do.

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I'm still not doing anything about my hair -- just air-drying it after yoga and running out the door -- and I've got to say, that extra hour of sleep is prettyyy nice. But then again, so is eyeliner.

Eyeko "eye do" eyeliner, $19, available at Sephora.

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