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Kate Moss's Sister Lottie Models for Teen Vogue

Much like her big sister, Kate, the younger Moss has big fashion career aspirations.

Kate Moss was discovered when she was 14 years old, was promptly signed by Storm model management, and the rest is fashion history. Now, her little sister -- 16-year-old Lottie Moss, who received massive amounts of media attention after photos surfaced of her as a bridesmaid in Kate's wedding -- is following very closely in her footsteps. The budding model, who is also signed to Storm, has recently started making the editorial rounds: She was featured in Dazed and Confused this February, and now she's gotten a spread and interview (her first ever) in the April issue of Teen Vogue.

Just like most girls her age, Lottie Moss lives for Justin Bieber, has a fondness for horseback riding and spends her allowance at Topshop -- although, we imagine she gets a good discount, considering her sis designs a collection for the retailer. But unlike many high schoolers, she already has a career path set out for herself, thanks in part to her sister and a certain MTV reality show. "I'd really like to work at Teen Vogue," she insists. "I love 'The Hills'!" she affirms. "I find it so funny -- Heidi and Spencer. I'm definitely a Lauren Conrad fan. Watching them all work and everything they did... It's just really fun and interesting."

Strangely enough, her big sis just signed on as a contributing editor at Vogue UK, so, if she winds up getting her dream job, Lottie Moss looks to be on Kate Moss's exact trajectory (she also wants to work with Mario Testino and cover Vogue). But when your sister is one of the world's biggest fashion icons, it's probably hard to not want to follow in her footsteps.

See all of Moss's portraits and read the full story over at Teen Vogue.

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