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Louis Vuitton's Petite Malle Is the Next Major 'It' Bag

Not to be confused with "petit mal" -- that's a seizure.

Nicolas Ghesquière's debut collection for Louis Vuitton was full of wearable, and more importantly, sellable pieces -- none perhaps moreso than the new bag shape, dubbed the Petite Malle.

Petite malle translates, quite predictably, to "little trunk." (And if you pronounce it incorrectly, it will sound like "petit mal," which is a name given to a specific type of minor seizure -- so you know, no pressure for non-French speakers.)

It's the perfect nod to the tradition of the house founded on luxury leather goods: Shaped like a mini-trunk, the bag can either be carried like a clutch or by a removable shoulder strap. The bag will come in the traditional monogrammed canvas as well as various colors of the brand's épi leather with a removable canvas cover.

One thing is for sure: This is the bag that will be all over street style pictures come fall. Model Natalia Vodianova was already carrying one at the fall show. (It helps, undoubtedly, that she is also carrying the baby of Antoine Arnault, son to LVMH CEO Bernard.)

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If you want to get your hands on one, better start saving now -- the brand hasn't set a price yet, but considering the recent move to up the prices of its offerings, be ready to drop a lot of cash on this one.