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Miranda Kerr's Commercials Are Starting to Look Eerily Similar

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and Miranda Kerr is throwing clothes around her immense and beautiful living room.
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Miranda Kerr has built a solid brand on being the enviable girl next door who has amazing skin, an amazing body and, apparently, a totally amazing house. As a recent spate of commercials would suggest, the brands Kerr works with have converged on one point: Fictional Miranda Kerr has the best life.

Fictional Miranda Kerr spends most of her time hanging out in her spacious, modern apartment alone. She does things like shower after yoga class, get ready to go places with her friends in old-timey taxi cabs and online shop with her dog. It's usually morning where Fictional Miranda Kerr lives, which is either L.A. or the West Village, depending.

Life is pretty breezy there. As we learn from H&M's Fictional Miranda Kerr, time is not a concern (she leaves her friend waiting outside for waaaaay more than "5 minutes"). Nor is soaking/possibly ruining your clothes, either by way of an errant sprinkler (H&M again) or forgetfulness (Reebok. Silly Fictional Miranda Kerr!). Tossing your clothes everywhere and making a mess is half the fun anyway.

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Take a look through the following commercials and tell us: Which Fictional Miranda Kerr do you like best and why? Remember, there are no wrong answers.