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We Tried (and Loved) OPI's New 'Glitter Off' Base Coat

Glitter nail polish is arguably the scourge of the beauty industry. Oh, sure, it's pretty and sparkly, but it's impossible to get off without a lot of soaking and scraping and swearing. Until now.

The base coat appears to be opaque white in the bottle, but it goes on a diluted milky color and dries down to a translucent matte finish. After the manicure was done, it looked like any other manicure and dried just as quickly. I started to notice the difference two days later when I had no chips.

My nails are short and soft and my polish usually starts chipping a day or two after I get a mani. Not this time, though. On day two, I didn't see any wear-and-tear at all. However, the trouble starts when the polish does start to chip, which was on about day four for me. Pieces don't just flake off; they peel. Once the peeling starts, it's all over. I tried to touch up the nails that started peeling on the tips, but it just looked bumpy. So I gave in and yanked.

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Now here's the good news. The polish peeled right off without any residue left behind. It was like using those adhesive nail stickers. Miraculous. And because I couldn't stop at just one, I decided to just end my experiment and peel them all off. In less than a minute I had a little stack of oval-shaped mermaid-y nail polish residue. My nails were dull-looking after I pulled the polish off, but they didn't seem weak or soft the way they do after a gel manicure.

Overall, it's a useful product. Two glittery thumbs up.