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President Obama Shopped at Gap

Here's why.
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This weekend, while I was walking along the waterfront in Brooklyn because it was miraculously more than 35 degrees outside, I happened to witness an elaborate rehearsal for Barack Obama's upcoming trip to New York City. It involved several presidential-looking helicopters and a few intimidating black military aircrafts with two propellers landing and taking off from the helipad in the Financial District across the river. Clearly, a lot goes into traveling from one city to another when you're the President.

Indeed, he arrived in the city Tuesday, and evidently the whole reason for his visit was to go shopping at Gap. (Okay, it was actually to attend fundraising events, but those did not make nearly as many headlines.)

At the retailer's 42nd street and 3rd Avenue location Tuesday afternoon, Obama, according to CBS, told onlookers that he was there to pick a few things up for Michelle, Sasha and Malia. For his daughters, a clerk suggested a V-neck sweater. “I’m worried the V-neck is going to slip,” he said. Uh, did he mean he was worried about his daughter having a nip slip?? “For Michelle, I have no idea what to get. Maybe we should buy some socks,” he said. We, too, imagine Michelle is a picky First Lady. He settled on a workout jacket. “It never hurts to bring something back when you’ve been on a road trip,” he said. “You get points when you go home.”

But given the fact that Obama is the President of the United States and should really have better things to do than shop and deliver a comedy routine to randoms, we knew there must have been a political reason for the visit. And there was: He was there to congratulate Gap on its recent decision to raise the minimum hourly pay its employees receive to $10.10 (up from $7.25).

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Between this and his wonderful "Between Two Ferns" appearance, we're pretty sure Obama is having the best week ever. And hopefully the publicity will help Gap bounce back from its recent 12.5 percent fourth quarter profit drop.