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Red Carpet Score Card: What Designers Dressed the Most Celebs This Season?

Love it or leave it, what goes on the red carpet matters.
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With the Oscars behind us, we know award season is officially over. That means it's time to examine our red carpet score card. Which brands got the most looks?

Of course, let's not confuse plurality with winning (for lack of a better term). The way things end up on the red carpet has as much to do with politics as it does about what a star wants to wear, perhaps even more so. Not all designers approve of certain celebrities wearing their clothing. Involved are contracts (hello JLaw and Dior), and even permission to wear a brand. Deals are often struck between one brand and one starlet for one awards show. You may remember the recent Hayden Panettiere/Tom Ford drama when Panettiere wore a Ford gown that she wasn't lent, but purchased herself. In the insular world of fashion, this was considered a scandal.

Love it or leave it, what goes on the red carpet matters. This is why we love to track the biggest award shows for film and television -- Golden Globes, Screen Actor's Guild Awards and the Academy Awards -- and see which brands show up the most.

Note: Since stage and interview face time are most important, priority is given to actresses who are nominees, part of nominated films/television shows and presenters. (Our apologies to hosts and wives/partners.)

Click through to see, in no particular order, the top brands with this award season. And in the spirit of these awards shows, they're all winners. It's an honor to be nominated. And so on.

GUCCI Golden Globes: Margot Robbie, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis SAGs: Lupita Nyong'o Oscars: Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway

Reserved for Gucci was plenty of sparkle. Lupita Nyong'o made sure every eye was on her in turquoise at the SAGs, though Anne Hathaway gave her a run for her money in a black dress from Gucci's recent fall 2014 collection. Did you see the way it sparkled when she walked out to present? Unreal.

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CHRISTIAN DIOR Golden Globes: Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson SAGs: Jennifer Lawrence, Carice Van Houten Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron

At this point it feels like no award show would be complete without seeing Jennifer Lawrence (fall) in Christian Dior. Meanwhile, fellow Dior woman Charlize Theron (the face of fragrance J'adore Dior) and Emma Watson wore haute couture with aplomb.

LANVIN Golden Globes: Edie Falco, Emma Roberts, Emma Thompson SAGs: Edie Falco, Sandra Bullock Oscars: Meryl Streep

This marks the third year in a row that Meryl Streep has worn Lanvin to the Oscars. We kind of love the idea of Alber Elbaz and Meryl being buddies. Not to mention, Edie Falco did her SAG and Golden Globe red carpet walks in the brand. How's that for brand loyalty?

J. MENDEL Golden Globes: Elisabeth Moss, Kate Mara, Kyra Sedgwick SAGs: Gretchen Mol, Michelle Dockery Oscars: Anna Kendrick

Though not as big a player on the luxury scale as the previous brands, J. Mendel certainly has the market cornered on television actresses like Michelle Dockery, Elisabeth Moss, and Kate Mara.