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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Not Doing the Shirt-Under-Dress Thing Right

At all.
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Sometimes I think Sarah Jessica Parker's takeaway from six seasons of "Sex and the City" and (costume designer) Patricia Field was, "I can wear whatever the hell I want and it will work." However, this is not true, SJP, at least not anymore.

We'll admit Carrie Bradshaw got away with some wacky outfits, but Parker's latest fashion risks have not paid off so well. At a series of events to promote her new shoe line (which, for the record, I like), the actress-come-designer has been pairing dainty, feminine dresses with... long-sleeve shirts and, on occasion, tights, the latter of which we have less of a problem with (it's cold!) -- though those stirrup numbers are a bit confounding.

The resulting outfits look like misguided attempts at being modest or conservative, which can be accomplished in more stylish, less try-hard ways. For instance, jackets are a thing. So are long-sleeved dresses. If Parker was so set on keeping her legs and arms covered (which we don't entirely understand -- she seems to be in great shape, but to each her own), she'd probably look fantastic in a fitted pant suit, too.

That's not to say the shirt-under-dress thing can't be done well -- it just has to be the right shirt and the right dress. Pinafore dresses, for instance, are meant to be worn with shirts underneath. It can also work with a sleeveless shift dress (not something with straps) and a fitted turtleneck. In the summer, sometimes a strappy sundress can work with a simple crewneck t-shirt (if you're going for a young, '90s thing). But a strappy pink lace Dolce & Gabbana dress with a square neckline paired with a loose white blouse? Not so much.

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As someone who loves fashion and has a body most 48-year-old mothers would kill for, Parker can do way better, and she must know it.