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Can Sarah Jessica Parker Make Stirrup Tights Happen?

We're on the fence.
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In addition to dresses over shirts, another styling trick Sarah Jessica Parker has been favoring while out promoting her new shoe line over these past few weeks is stirrup tights.

She's worn a couple of pairs -- one sheer grey and another opaque black -- several times with dresses and stilettos (of her own design). And our reaction is not as strongly negative as it was to her pairing of strappy dresses with long-sleeve shirts.

Sure, the style, made popular in the '80s, is something we haven't seen in a while, and it does seem like something more befitting little Carrie Bradshaw on "The Carrie Diaries" (which takes place in the '80s). But when styled right, it's not the worst.

They're an unconventional way to cover up one's legs (necessary in this weather), and in Parker's case, they draw attention to the shoes she's trying to promote. Win, win?

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If you feel inspired, you can buy the exact tights Parker wore. The black ones are Alice & Olivia by Pretty Polly, available here. The grey ones are, according to Racked, American Apparel, available here.