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Sephora Is Releasing Adorable One-Time Use Nail Polishes

One-time use for humans... a lifetime supply for fairies.
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Here's a stroke of Friday afternoon genius for ya -- and when we say little, we mean really little.

We were lucky enough to try out the new mini polishes (which are even smaller than we anticipated -- see above photo for scale) in our office, and the overall approval rating amongst us was high. The squeezing-for-polish gets a little tougher as the polish runs out, but we found that many of the shades didn't require much of a second coat anyway -- and for those that did, there was still plenty of polish left.

The only downside we can see to one-time use nail polish? Not being able to do touch-ups when the color starts chipping or gets a streak -- the solution being, of course, to then purchase a regular size bottle. Guess that's the beauty of having so many Sephora locations all over the place....

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