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Terry Richardson Defends Himself, Strangers Smooch for Wren, The Best Slip-On Sneakers

Don't miss a beat: Here were the biggest stories in fashion this week.
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Inappropriate Behavior: A model who anonymously posted about a disgusting on-set experience with Terry Richardson has come forward to talk about the shoot. (Richardson later gave his own response to the allegations.)

A for Effort: Sarah Jessica Parker has been rocking stirrup tights and shirts under dresses lately, and we're not totally convinced it's working.

Moving on Up: Watch out, Sephora: Target has upgraded its beauty aisle in a big way.

Die, Die, Die: The American people have spoken, and these are the fashion trends they never want to see the light of day again.

Slip Into Spring: Slip-on sneakers are poised to be the footwear silhouette of spring. Here are 62 -- count 'em, 62 -- of the best styles.

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Girl Crush: While fashion has historically embraced the gay male community, lesbian and queer women are turning out to be its blind spot. Here's why.

Awkward, adorable and viral: Wren's Melissa Coker tells us about her latest film, in which strangers kiss on camera for the first time, and which has garnered 52 million YouTube views in less than a week.

Kinda Genius: Sephora has come out with a range of one-time use nail polishes, and it's a pretty nifty concept.