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The Fashion Line You Forgot Katie Holmes Had Is Reportedly No More

Holmes & Yang has apparently disbanded due to a soured relationship between Holmes and co-designer Jeanne Yang.

If you were unaware that Katie Holmes had a fashion line, don't get too excited: Holmes & Yang, the brand that she founded in 2009 with stylist Jeanne Yang, has reportedly shuttered. According to Page Six, it was due to "interpersonal conflict" between the co-designers.

Holmes & Yang did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As Vogue UK points out, past stockists like Barneys and Harvey Nichols are no longer carrying the line. Despite having shown at New York Fashion Weeks past -- Holmes & Yang did not present in February -- the brand's collections had been extremely commercial (read: safe) and generally unremarkable.

Being a celebrity designer is undeniably tricky. As Kanye West's design debut proved, critics are ready and waiting to pan the rich and famous who try to play on their turf. At best, people will judge their attempts as terrible until proven decent. Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have won out because they've sidelined their entertainment gigs to dive in headfirst into fashion. That's the kind of commitment we can believe in.

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Holmes has a slew of movies coming up in 2014 -- including The Giver, everyone's (second) favorite dystopian young adult novel -- so maybe the time was right to set this side project free. When it comes to celebrity lines, sometimes it's just better to take a "live and let live" attitude. Ms. Holmes, we wish you well.