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The Girl's Guide to Getting Jared Leto Hair

I may never be as pretty as Leto, but copying his hair is surprisingly easy.

Very early on this awards season, I told my fiancé that I dreamt of being able to achieve Jared Leto's perfectly ombréd, beachy waves that have become his red carpet signature. To this, he replied, "I don't think you'll ever be able to get hair as pretty as his," and while I was inclined to agree, that doesn't mean I didn't want to try and prove him wrong.

In the last month, I've read more "how to" stories on recreating Leto's look than I can count on both hands, and they all made getting the style sound a little too simple. Plus, I know I'm not the only girl who envies the actor's locks: According to Into the Gloss, some of Hollywood's leading ladies -- including Olivia Wilde and Rachel Bilson -- have asked for his style in the salon. So, in the name of journalism, I decided to give it a shot, and while my mane by no means turned out as glorious as the actor's, I am pleased with the results. And yes, it was easy!

Preparing Leto's seemingly unfussy waves at the Academy Awards took his longtime hairstylist Chase Kusero -- working with Vidal Sassoon -- two full days. Since I already had the ombré thing working for me thanks to some balayage highlights I got over the summer, I reached out to Vidal Sassoon for step-by-step instructions -- and on Wednesday night, I began the very serious quest to Leto-ify my hair.

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The first steps were a cinch: Washing and air-drying with a middle part and using the brand's Pro Series Waves Primer Spray and pomade. I have a nervous habit of twirling small sections of my hair with my fingers, which wound up working to my advantage: This created piece-y ends and some extra wave, since my heavy, thick hair (which is also chemically straightened) tends to fall a little flat when it's as long as it is currently.

I went to sleep while my hair was still wet, but when I woke up, I was pretty pleased with the Jared Leto-ness of my appearance! There wasn't much work left to do: I sprayed a bit of Vidal Sassoon's dry shampoo on my roots in the hopes of getting a little more lift, and then flat ironed a couple of sections (as per Kusero) to smooth them out and to enhance the wave. I'll admit, I was impressed with my results (as was my naysaying fiancé, who took the above photo) -- and how easy they were to get.

The one aspect of the style that I didn't get quite right was that perfect wave in the front strands of hair around Leto's face. I could have gone in with a curling iron and cheated a bit, but I'm pretty lazy when it comes to doing my hair in the mornings. Also, I'm not sure what Leto's hair texture is like, but his waves just are generally bouncier, glossier and more spectacular than mine have ever been/will ever be. I suppose that's just one of the many reasons why he's famous.

In sum, the ease of this style is great, and I plan on trying to perfect it in the coming months. I may never be as pretty as Leto (really, who is though?), but I can always copy his hair.