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Vice Goes to the Gyno in Its Latest Provocative Fashion Editorial

Yes, they went (down) there.

Much like with its investigative pieces, there are very few places that Vice magazine won't go with its fashion editorials. It's done a menswear shoot that was primarily focused on the models' boners as well as a period-themed shoot, so it shouldn't come as too much of a shock that the most recent exotic locale the mag visited was a gynecologist's office.

A short fashion spread posted on the magazine's site today features models barely dressed and in various states of disrepair: There are girls in oxygen masks, wheelchairs, casts and with canes, but the most unfortunate set up of them all (in our opinion) is the model who is posing in the gyno's exam chair. But, of course, this shouldn't distract us from the fashion, which includes a baby pink Prada bag that's strategically placed in front of a model's lady bits, a Louis Vuitton hospital gown and a very trendy ear cuff.

Head over to Vice for the full editorial.

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