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Androgynous Model Andrej Pejic Debuts Jewelry Collaboration With Sam H Snyder

The famously androgynous model's collaboration will benefit a cause that's close to home.

Famously androgynous model Andrej Pejic is nothing if not a pioneer. Since coming onto the fashion scene in 2010, Pejic has modeled in both menswear and womenswear (including wearing the wedding dress at Jean Paul Gaultier's couture show in 2011), and has helped to usher in an era of gender fluidity in the industry.

The 22-year-old (who prefers to identify with feminine pronouns) has taken a bit of a breather when it comes to her modeling career lately in order to work on a variety of other projects, one of which is her first-ever design gig: A collaboration with Sam H Snyder Design on a jewelry collection called Pejic x Snyder. The line, which includes pieces made from silver, palladium, 18k gold and platinum, was created using 3d-printing, and Pejic had a heavy hand in the design process.

"It definitely fits my aesthetic, I don't like flashy, diamonds -- it's modern and minimal but thick and chunky," Pejic told us over the phone on Thursday.

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The small, New York-based jewelry brand approached Pejic to collaborate, and the model thought that it would be a perfect tie-in to the charity work she's been looking to do for years. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Ali Forney Center, which is dedicated to helping homeless LGBTQ youth and providing them with medical assistance. "It's a niche charity -- I was lucky to have a very loving family, but unfortunately that's not often the case. Kids get kicked out of their house for being who they are," Pejic told us.

In addition to the charity work, Pejic hopes that her modeling career has been able to reach those who are struggling with their sexuality. "[My career] has helped to raise awareness of this social minority, most people don't know what the struggles are -- my goal has always been to share my story and give a human face to all of that and to show that I can be confident and anyone can be confident in being who they are," she said. "More transgender girls have come out -- in 2010 when I came out I think it did start a wave and opened some doors in the marketplace. I wouldn't say it's changed society -- it would take a lot more to do that."

Pejic says that while this is her first foray into the world of design, it likely won't be her last. "It might not be pure fashion design, but I have a lot of ideas: Things that I've gone without or things that should be on the market but aren't. There will more products and more branding coming from me, for sure."

Click through to see the campaign images (starring Pejic, of course) and some pieces from the jewelry collaboration.