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Mix Your Eyeshadow With Your Lip Balm for Creamy Lids

Put your broken containers of eyeshadow to good use.

Everyone loves a creative hack. In the beauty world, there are tons of time-saving, money-saving ways to re-purpose products, plus techniques you can try  that don't require you to have the makeup brush prowess of Pat McGrath. For this weekly feature, we will pick the brains of beauty's best and brightest to try to make your life easier. 

If you are anything like me, you probably have  five lip balms and at least that many broken containers of powder eyeshadow lying around.  Don't throw them away. Instead, try this trick I learned from Erin Flaherty, the Health and Beauty Director at Marie Claire

"I love lip balm, especially Rosebud Salve. I will mix it with any powder color, like a broken eyeshadow, to give a really nice creamy finish," Flaherty says.  "You just take the Rosebud Salve and mix it in. You can do it on your eyelids, as a highlighter, or on your lips. It’s something makeup artists have been doing backstage for years."

 Shiny, creamy lids are all the rage now. This is an easy way to test out whether or not you can pull it off. 

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