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Beyoncé Accused of Photoshopping Thigh Gap Into Instagram Photo

"Photoshopt, photoshopt, graining on those thighs...[sic]," commented one user.
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The thigh gap controversy rears its ugly head again -- this time, in an Instagram shot of Beyoncé.

Playing a game of golf in a bikini, as one apparently does in the Dominican Republic, she's crouched down to take a swing at the golf ball. There is a gap between her thighs.

Followers took to the comments section to cry foul, arguing those thighs could not be the thick stems of their beloved Yoncé. "Photoshopt, photoshopt, graining on those thighs...[sic]," writes one user; "Seriously? As someone who sings about empowering girls and women, its a shame that you post pictures of yourself that are clearly photoshopped [sic]," writes another.

It's not the first time a star has been accused of 'shopping before 'gramming: Miranda Kerr previously ruffled feathers when she posted photos to the social media platform in which her waist appeared slimmer than in the original shot.

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Kerr later claimed that she had just grabbed a photo of herself from the Internet for #tbt, which is an easy-enough mistake. But this photo Beyoncé posted isn't a stock photo -- this is a candid (or close to candid) shot of her on vacation.

While Beyoncé has been a tad controlling about photos of herself in the past, and definitely takes a measured approach to curating her Instagram feed, we think this "controversy" could be chalked up to her squatting at a weird angle, placing her legs naturally apart and thus creating the "thigh gap" seen in the photo.

Perhaps it says more about us than Beyoncé that we see the thigh gap as such an ideal that even an international superstar would take to digitally whittling one into her personal photos.