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Boden Isn't Planning to Open a Store in the U.S. — Yet

The British brand denies reports that it is actively making moves in the U.S. beyond its e-commerce site.

Is Britain's leading "yummy mummy" outfitter Boden gearing up for a big push into U.S. soil? Well, maybe. 

Vanessa Friedman at the Financial Timessoon to be the New York Timesreported Thursday that according to founder Johnnie Boden, the brand is "currently in the planning stages" of its first U.S. store opening. For those who don't know the brand well, think of it as the British answer to J.Crew. 

Not so fast.

According to a Stateside rep for Boden, brick-and-mortar expansion in the U.S. is always on the table but no concrete plans have been made as of yet. That's not to say we won't see a Boden store crop up on our side of the pond in the future (near or far), but the British retailer isn't making any moves at the moment. 

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As Friedman points out, Boden could well find a toehold in the U.S. market beyond its e-commerce site. (It's already doing $160 million in sales in the U.S., after all.) The brand is approachable, colorful and a little bit offbeat, fitting into the same design family as Jenna Lyons's uber-popular reinvention of J.Crew. Plus, American shoppers don't have the same memory of Boden as something of a mom brand that their British counterparts might, which could give the retailer a leg up should it make a real go at taking on the U.S. market. 

The takeaway: A U.S. store opening is not not happening — it's just not happening yet. Got that?