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Chanel Does Beauty Tutorials, Net-a-Porter Enters Hotels, Jeremy Scott Talks Pop Art

And Detroit police bust a major shoplifting ring.

In a profile penned by Susie Lau, Jeremy Scott compares himself to pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. {}

Following Sycamore Partners' acquisition of The Jones Group, former Jones property Kurt Geiger has completed a management buyout to operate independently. {WWD}

Kate Bosworth gave a master class in how to make baby pink look exceptionally elegant at a Tiffany's event Thursday night. Seriously, this woman can do no (sartorial) wrong. {Us Weekly}

Zooey Deschanel's nautical collection for Tommy Hilfiger was supposed on sale on Monday, but Christmas came earlyyyy. Shop it now. {SHEfinds}

If Beyonce rocks a matching printed jacket and pants, you can too. Here's how. {SHEfinds}

Amber Valetta has gotten a reputation for being something of an eco-warrior; turns out apparel workers' rights are also on her list of causes. {Huffington Post}

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Having received the memo that beauty tutorials are a great way of attracting followers, Chanel is now upping its video content. {Luxury Daily}

Busted! Police have discovered a shoplifting ring operating out of Detroit that has lifted millions of dollars worth of goods. {Gawker}

Do you love Tilda Swinton? Tom Hiddleston? (No? GET OUT.) Then you should read this Q&A with the costume designer of their new vampire flick, "Only Lovers Left Alive." {The Cut}

Net-a-Porter has partnered with Manhattan's WestHouse Hotel for a fancy in-room shopping experience. {Luxury Daily}

A woman lost a $10,000 engagement ring in an H&M fitting room, which really just makes you question why you would remove your $10,000 engagement ring in an H&M fitting room. {Jezebel}

Aldo's executive chairman, Aldo Bensadoun, is officially a billionaire. {Bloomberg}

And another one bites the dust. The women's retailer Coldwater Creek has filed for bankruptcy. {WWD}