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Chanel Makes a Watch Campaign That's Actually Cool

But find out why it breaks a fundamental rule in watch advertising.
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Finding ways to make ads for watches interesting is, we imagine, a great challenge for brands and ad agencies -- there is only so much you can do with a timepiece. But Chanel, with help from Patrick Demarchelier, has managed to think up something memorable.

In the ad, a model is juxtaposed next to a close up of a watch's face, in which the hands mirror what the model is doing. Neat, right? Also neat: According to WWD, displaying the hands of a watch this way is "sacrilege" in the world of watch advertising, as the hands are typically set to 10:10.

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Though a couple of the images are a tad reminiscent of Chanel's spring/summer 2012 ads, featuring models doing gymnastics over the sea, we think the ad was worth breaking tradition for.

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