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Eliza's Cotton Crop Top

The fabric of our (summer) lives.

Not to get all Colbie Caillat in a Cotton Inc commercial, but early summer really does beg for breezy cotton separates. With its simple cut, sunbleached stripes and slightly pillowy look thanks to the ruching at the base, this crop top combines many of the best applications of the fabric. It's a little girlish, a little folksy and just plain cool — that last point compounded by the fact that it's also very difficult to wear. Cotton, the most approachable of fabrics, rendered exclusive by a tough cut. Damn the irony.

It's not impossible to pull this piece off, though. The jeans featured at left are probably not most people's best bet, but a high-waisted, A-line skirt that leaves an inch or two of skin bare — potentially even in the same wash as that denim — would work nicely. 

Friends & Associates Daffodil Cropped Tank, $128, available at Shopbop.

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