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I'm a Size 12 and I Wore a Crop Top

Maybe you can too! But that's totally up to you, no pressure or anything.

I have long argued that women over a certain size -- myself included -- could not participate in the crop top craze that took over sometime last spring. 

That didn't stop me from being jealous though. The look seemed so perfect for the warmer months -- the tiny exposed swath of skin acting like a personal A/C unit. Still, I remained certain that I would never be able to wear this particular look.

My opinion started to change when plus-size model Robyn Lawley covered Cosmo Australia in a crop top. I thought she looked incredible. And sure, she's a model, but if she could do it, couldn't I? 

I mused on this for another couple of months. More truthfully, I mused on this while hitting the gym and listening to Beyoncé. (And, okay, One Direction. Whatever. "Kiss You" is really great for getting through pop squats and I won't hear any differently.)

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Then it came time to find an outfit to wear to a bridal shower. I started with this high-waisted midi white skirt from Asos because I wanted one for summer anyway, and I really liked the idea of pairing it with a crop top.

I'd originally hunted around for a loose, flowy top, but none that I ordered quite worked -- probably because it failed to give my silhouette a defined shape. I then ordered a blue-and-white striped number (also from Asos), on a total whim. I almost didn't keep it, but my roommate insisted it looked amazing. Even my mom liked it, which is the ultimate stamp of approval on anything I wear. 

What makes this look work, in my opinion, is that it reveals the smallest part of my torso. (I still wouldn't wear anything that showed my belly button.) And having the full skirt on the bottom balances out the top. It does require a huge shortage of fucks to give (sorry, just being honest here).

I ended up getting a ton of compliments on it, and I felt really pretty in it. So stuff the haters -- life is too short to not try something just because you don't think it will work for your body. The whole point of fashion is to have fun, and I had a lot of fun at the bridal shower in this outfit. I can't wait to wear it again -- and wouldn't you know, I have a 10-year high school reunion coming up.