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Eliza's Pastel Slip Dress

Can Easter egg colors be... sexy?

I was in the DKNY store on Madison Avenue the other day — not shopping, sadly, reporting — when I happened upon this light yellow, '90s-inspired slip dress hanging casually against a wall. "Hello, lover." 

You know the phrase: "Business in the front, party in the back," and if "business" here means breaking the heart of every man present at Ross and Rachel's wedding, it is that. The back... well, it's gorgeous. Without double-sided sticky tape, it gaps open in the most appealing way, although it might make you a little worried that onlookers might be able to peer down your butt crack. But as they also say: "No guts, no glory." (YOLO.) And this one is glorious.

DKNY Illusion Dress, $295, available at

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