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Don Draper Once Had Jordan Catalano Hair

So much fabulousness.
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The '90s was a pretty excellent time: The Internet was an exciting new concept, Kate and Johnny were planning their wedding, giant cellphones were only for very important business people and Leonardo DiCaprio was nothing but a guest star on "Growing Pains."

Also, Jon Hamm had Jordan Catalano hair! Cheers to the Daily Mail for unearthing this clip of the "Mad Men" star from back when he appeared on a dating show in 1996, floppy mop top and all. We almost feel grateful the AMC series is ending about two-and-a-half decades prior... if only to spare us the image of Don Draper sporting curtains and JNCO jeans.

Watch 25-year-old Hamm's idea of a "fabulous" first date, below.

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