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Emma Stone's Tiny Bow Tie Is Mesmerizing

Soooooo cuuuutttteeeeeee.

Vogue's May cover girl Emma Stone has been killing it lately on her tour to promote "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," getting gussied up in new-season looks from Chanel, Erdem, Valentino and the like. But as stunning as those red carpet frocks are, it's one of the actress's lesser articles of clothing that has us flat-out mesmerized. 

And by 'lesser,' we mean that it's really, really small. 

We're talking, of course (of course!) about the teeny tiny, ridiculously adorable, yellow polka-dotted button bow tie situation Stone had going on at a charity event Monday in California. Try as we might, we can't entirely figure out just what, exactly, it is: Could it be part of her equally precious Peter Pan collared shirt? Is it a removable button-cover of sorts? Is it made of fabric? Plastic? Did it originally belong to a little clown fairy who left it under her pillow one night?

Whatever it is, we know this much: It's cute. We like it. And we kinda want one for ourselves. 

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