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Emma Stone's Makeup Artist Tells Us How to Get Her Flawless Skin

She also dished on Emma's new bangs.

Much to our delight, Emma Stone has been everywhere the last few weeks thanks to The Amazing Spider Man 2 media blitz.  Along the way she's consistently won the red carpet, mesmerized us with accessories like this tiny bow tie and debuted a chic new cut with bangs. But her look last night at the New York premiere may have been her best one yet -- partially because of the Prada dress, but largely because of her makeup. 

I hopped on the phone with Chanel celebrity makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, who's responsible for that glowing face pictured at right. We chatted about how Stone's new bangs affected the look, how her gown influenced the color choices and the strong role lip gloss played. (Plus, the incredible secret weapon Goodwin uses to help Stone get that enviably dewy skin.)

So why did Emma decide to get bangs and how has that affected how you do her makeup? 

She’s had bangs in the past, but it’s been a while. It’s such a cute look, I love how French-girl it is!  I think she was feeling a little change--there was no deep motivation. There was a conversation at one point about doing it and she really loved the idea, and [hair stylist] Mara Roszak was like, "Let’s wait until closer to the end [of the tour]." The bangs change the eyebrow situation. I’m very eyebrow-obsessed in general. I guess I was a little less focused on the perfect eyebrow, but I still obviously do them just in case the wind blows or something! 

What was the overall inspiration for the look? 

A '70s party girl meets a princess. To me, the dress had that disco era glam to it but also elegant lines. It was so romantic and beautiful, it was a moment. I used the fleshy tone and the purple detailing to inform the color and textures I chose for her.

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So tell me about those glossy lips. 

It was a very glossy lip -- it looks like it was glossier in the beginning! -- I don’t know if she blotted it. [Laughs] But it was a conscious decision. I wanted everything to be luminous. I was inspired by disco-era makeup which is all about shimmer. I wanted it to be really shiny and shimmery and fun feeling. I used a lip liner underneath a berry stain (Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain in Adore and Chanel Aqua Crayon Lip Colour Stick in Rosewood), and on top of that I used a fun lip gloss (Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Raisin Rage). I wanted it to pick up the purple tone that was on her dress.

How did you make her skin so perfect? 

I use a combination of textures in my products, which is really important. It’s something makeup artists do that regular women ignore. For her skin, I used Chanel’s new Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation, which I’m obsessed with. That gives me the ability to not have to use powder on her at all. But I used it with a wet Beauty Blender sponge. [Ed note: Now pay attention! This is the important part.] I dip it in Diptyque’s new Facial Water, but you can use any kind of hydrating water. I apply the matte foundation with the hydrating water [using the Beauty Blender] and I blot it until it’s sheer. It’s a really beautiful finish. You still want to see skin and freckles. And I always highlight (Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator in Bare Natural).  This particular look I highlighted a lot in the cheekbone area to get that dewy look, and on the bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow. I work really hard to make sure skin looks amazing. She has such perfect skin anyway. 

Does Emma ever balk at any of your ideas? 

We’ve worked together for so many years and there’s a really beautiful trust there. I think she’s open to most things. It comes down to the dress, the day and the event.