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Eva Chen Shuts Down Rumors That 'Lucky' Is Folding

Eva Chen should be in the running for Coolest Editor-in-Chief of All Time.

Late last night, Page Six published a story declaring that Condé Nast was preparing to "finally" shutter Lucky magazine following years of rumors, an Anna Wintour-directed overhaul and editorial musical chairs at the title. 

Speculation didn't stop there: Page Six also claimed that Eva Chen, Lucky's editor-in-chief whose first issue for the magazine debuted in September, would be moved to Teen Vogue — where she previously served as beauty director. Industry gossip suggests that Teen Vogue EIC Amy Astley would be placed at the top of Glamour's masthead, booting Cindi Leive. Condé Nast has vehemently denied the rumors, as has Chen, who didn't stand idle as her title was attacked. 

In an email sent to her Lucky staff this morning, Chen remained upbeat and dismissed the hearsay as "recycled rumors from years past." She continued by highlighting the magazine's growing sales numbers, pointing out that the May 2014 issue was up nearly 20 percent and that subscriptions were up three percent from Dec. 2012 to Dec. 2013. 

To sum up her note, Chen not only reminded her staffers that "haters are going to hate," but she also attached a YouTube link to P. Diddy's anthem "Bad Boys for Life," which proclaims, "We ain't going nowhere, we can't be stopped now," etc. And with that, we'd like to nominate Chen for the distinction of Coolest Editor-in-Chief of all Time. 

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