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Welcome to the New Fashionista

Introducing Fashionista's website makeover.

As you might have noticed, we've had a little work done.

Well, more than a little work. In fact, our whole site is different: we've got a new site format, a new logo, a new spot color (bye bye, baby pink!), bigger images and a whole new set of site fonts.

Fashionista has evolved a great deal since its founding six years ago, and developing a design that would reflect those changes -- and the changes in online media consumption that have occurred in that timeframe -- was a fun and challenging project. 

We think of ourselves as an industry publication with consumer appeal -- a site that is a must-read for the industry, but also speaks to the people who want to work in the industry or are highly interested in it. Thus, we wanted the site and logo to convey "fashion," "news" (hence the bold upper case font), "industry" and "webby" (thus the use of blue as our spot color, instead of fashion magazines' typical pink or red). We also like to think of ourselves as personable, that we don't take ourselves (or the industry we cover) too seriously. That, we hope, comes out in the headlines and the writing itself.

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Nearly half of you now primarily read Fashionista on your tablets and mobile devices, and creating an experience that was optimal for smaller screens was a top priority. We hope you enjoy our new, faster mobile site, and the bigger images and streamlined navigation that are a part of it.

We'd like to thank our partners at Say Media -- Alex Schleifer, Mira Kim and James Cabrera, who came up with our logo and site design; and John Vars and Shanna Chambers, who trained us on a new content management system and spearheaded the project through -- for all their hard work. It's thanks to them that we have such a beautiful new site to share with you.

We hope you like it, and bear with us as we work through some kinks over the next few days. If you have any likes or dislikes, please share them in the comments below -- we'll continue to iterate on the design of the site and our logo over the coming months.