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Alyssa's Fitted 'Fashion' Overalls

It took a long while to find a cute pair, but I finally did.

Much like Nora's ongoing hunt for mom jeans, I've been on a similar search for the perfect pair of overalls. Since I am relatively short, baggy (or what's lovingly known in fashion circles as "wide legged") pants tend to swallow me whole, thus, it's been challenging to find a pair that's actually flattering.

My search came to a halt at a press preview last week, where I tried on a pair of Frame Denim's Le Garcon overalls -- they are slim through the leg and have just the right amount of slouch to avoid looking sloppy (or, even worse, like a little kid).

I plan on rolling these up with a pair of sneakers and wearing them throughout the summer -- I may even throw them on over a cute little crop top... if I can find one. That's an odyssey for a different day.

Frame overalls, $299, at Net-a-Porter.

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