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'Game of Thrones' Fashion Recap: All About the Men

Plus we take a look at the red carpet style of the actors who play Oberyn and Daario.

Welcome to our weekly series, “Fashion of the Realm,” which we’ll present every Monday after a new episode of  "Game of Thrones" airs. Expect fashion recaps, interviews, plenty of pictures, and deep dives into the unique style — both on and off set — on everyone’s favorite bloody, naked show. (Until the characters get killed off, anyway.) Spoilers.

Unlike the action-packed "Purple Wedding" episode last week, this week was a bit quieter and more transitional. (Well, except for the disturbing scene with Jaime and Cersei and that whole "I'm going to eat your parents" thing with the wildlings.) The fashion was similarly quiet. Many characters repeated outfits, and indeed, some -- like Arya and Sam -- have been wearing the same thing for three seasons now. 

Let's take a peek:

Daenerys is still wearing that blue dress and a relatively simple double braid. Kevin Alexander, the hair designer, told me that she's still wearing it Dothraki style because she's traveling so much. Also, the desert is hell on hair -- simplicity rules. 

Margaery looks lovely, despite the fact that her husband just choked to death. Her dress, while still showing a lot of skin, is made of heavier fabric than usual, though. 

I totally get why Daenerys has a crush on this new Daario. But what the hell is going on with that big bow coming out of his waistline? 

Imagine the hound with a haircut and some shiny new armor. I bet he cleans up nicely. Ditto Arya. 

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In last night's episode, two men, both new to the show, figured prominently: Oberyn, the debauched Dornish prince who has the best one-liners (and best sex life), and Daario, Daenerys’s would-be hook-up, who had the mic-drop moment on the show last night after handily defeating a foe and then peeing on his turf.

While we’re used to seeing Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys, and Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, all over red carpets, these new guys are a bit of a real-life mystery. I decided to do some red carpet research on the actors who play Oberyn and the new Daario, Pedro Pascal and Michiel Huisman respectively. Unless they get killed off quickly, they’ll likely be frequenting many more red carpets to come, so let’s get acquainted with their style, shall we? 

Based on his hair alone, Michiel Huisman (Daario) was obviously born to play a "Game of Thrones" character (seen here in 2011, 2014, and 2010 respectively). Will we see more of that chest hair soon on the show? One can only hope. 

There are two things I know: Chilean actor Pedro Pascal is not shy about doing orgy scenes or wearing a statement tie. 

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