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'Girls' Stars Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke Moonlight as Jewelry Models

Who would you rather buy jewelry from: Shosh or Jessa?
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To be a star of the show "Girls," it seems, is to be friends with a buzzy jewelry designer.

Perhaps killing time before shooting began for season four, one of the show's biggest fashion fans did a little modeling for Brooklyn-based jewelry brand Talon. With her dark clothes, short hair and ominous stare, Zosia Mamet is a far cry from her bubbly (well, until recently) character, Shoshanna. Though, the lookbook does feel more in line with Mamet's more bohemian, downtown personal style. According to T, she's a longtime fan of the brand.

The other "Girls" stars seem to take a similar approach to shilling for brands. Especially Jemima Kirke, who, too, modeled in a look book for a New York-based jewelry brand recently. Though, the lookbook for cheeky fine jewelry line Alison Lou (designed by friend Alison Chemla) was a bit more optimistic.

While Lena Dunham has yet to model any jewelry or clothing in an official capacity, she did direct a short film for her pal (and boyfriend's sister) Rachel Antonoff.

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The one exception to these seemingly organic partnerships would be Allison Williams, whose campaign for Simple was likely a little more orchestrated.

Who would you rather buy jewelry from: Shosh or Jessa?