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Report: Goop CEO Seb Bishop Is Stepping Down

Overall, it's not a great month to be Gwyneth Paltrow.

Just a few weeks after Gwyneth Paltrow announced her separation from husband Chris Martin, more change is afoot for the actress turned lifestyle guru: Seb Bishop, Goop's CEO, is reportedly leaving the company. We'll let you make the "conscious uncoupling" joke for yourselves.

A Goop rep did not immediately respond to request for comment. However, Paltrow's rep tells Page Six that Bishop is in the process of transitioning out, having decided not to relocate to Los Angeles with the rest of the London-based company. (The move to LA reportedly has to do with Paltrow's separation from Martin.)

Prior to arriving at Goop, Bishop was the International CEO of (Red), Bono's organization to fight AIDS, having first made a name for himself as a leader in search marketing in Britain. There's no word yet on where he'll be heading now, nor has a successor been named. 

Always aspirational, Paltrow's lifestyle advice has in the last year become increasingly preachy and out-of-touch — the actress's "one cigarette a week" habit and her disparaging comments about fast food fueling mockery and eye-rolls. We'll be curious to see what direction Goop will head in under new leadership.

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