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Joe Biden's 1st Instagram Looks Like a Ray-Ban Ad

Joe Biden x Ray-Ban? Stranger things have happened.

Barack Obama may be abstaining from #selfienation over the fear of unwillingly endorsing a product (see: That Big Papi/Samsung situation), but our audacious Vice President Joe Biden isn't one to play by the rules.

Wednesday afternoon, Biden -- or more aptly, Biden's staff -- posted his first-ever Instagram under the concise and oddly amusing handle @VP. According to the shot's description, the photo depicts JB "getting ready to head to Pennsylvania with President Obama this afternoon" to help Americans get better middle-class jobs. According to us, it's an ad for Ray-Ban.  

Ok, so Joe Biden owning Ray-Bans may not have the same sort of mass appeal as, say, Bob Dylan sporting Wayfarers. But we sincerely hope whichever Team VP member took this expertly foreground-focused pic was at the very least thanked with a free pair of frames.

And who knows: Maybe Biden's post-political career will involve a Ray-Ban collab of his own? Stranger things have happened....

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