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This Innovative Nail Wand Could Improve Your At-Home Manicure Skillz

Someone finally dared to redesign the nail polish brush.

Nail polish has come a long way over the last several years, with brands introducing countless new finishes, scents, bottle shapes and methods of application. But one thing that's rarely fiddled with is the actual brush, or wand, itself. 

Well, polish brand Julep decided it was time to change that by releasing the "Plié Wand,"  a magnetic, swiveling attachment that connects easily to any Julep nail color cap. The idea is that the flexible handle makes it easier to control while giving yourself an at-home manicure -- particularly when using your non-dominant hand. 

It's definitely an interesting concept, and one I was eager to test out. I connected the cap, tilted the top at an angle, and began a-brushing. So did it help me perfect my stroke? Here's my review:

Using the Plié Wand with my right hand (the dominant one, though something about that just sounds icky) was a lot less awkward that I expected. I guess I ended up gripping it more like a pen than a normal brush, and it didn't feel weird at all -- though I was a bit tempted to grip the bottom like I normally would. 

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When it came to using the wand with my left hand, I didn't necessarily find that the different angle option was beneficial. Painting with your opposite hand is just hard. There's no real way around that. Plus, I paint my nails fairly frequently, so I kind of have the technique down. But for a less experienced manicurist, I imagine the wand would make polish application easier. (Lauren, who doesn't paint her nails often, held the wand like a chop stick when she tried it, and said it made her non-dominant hand less shaky when applying the polish.)

The one major detriment I noticed with the Plié Wand is that, when you're not actively painting, the wand itself (which is quite a bit longer and therefore, heavier than your average wand) makes the bottle top-heavy and more prone to falling over. But as long as you make sure to screw the cap on securely between coats,  that shouldn't really be an issue.

In short, I think the people over there at Julep are onto something. This product could appeal to those who don't feel confident enough in their skills to paint their own nails with a regular wand. But whether it'll catch on with the notoriously fickle -- and capable -- #nailart community is left to be seen.

The Plié wand will go on sale on in May. You can sign up here to get notified when it becomes available.