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Thanks to Kate Middleton, Ebay Sees 95% Increase in Yellow Dress Sales

The Royal Family's tour of Australia and New Zealand provided a spike in stylish search terms (and sales).

Prince William may have thought she looked like a banana, but Kate Middleton will have the last laugh: Her bright yellow Roksanda Illincic inspired a 95 percent increase in Ebay sales of yellow dresses in the four-day period after she wore it, according to the site's UK branch.

Google also saw a huge uptick in searches for "yellow dress," followed by -- you guessed it -- "kate yellow dress" on April 16, the day Middleton wore the Illincic number. Devotees of the Duchess weren't just interested in replicating her banana look:  On April 17, the day she wore the Diane von Furstenberg dress that quickly sold out, there was a spike in searches for "wrap dresses." And the search for "cork wedges" rocketed up on April 13, the first day Middleton wore her Stuart Weitzman pair in New Zealand, varying in popularity during the couple's Down Under tour before dropping dramatically again on April 27 after the Royal Family returned home.

Ebay further reports that sales in floral and green dresses saw overnight spikes after Middleton wore similar styles. Maybe a fan of her outfits can't splash out on an Erdem coat or Zimmermann dress, but they can find thrifty versions of those pieces to imitate her classic style. Just goes to show you that the much-touted Kate Middleton Effect extends beyond specific brands into styles and colors. 

And, frankly, that Prince William really doesn't know much about fashion. Sorry, Wills.

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