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Kate Middleton's 20 Most Glorious Hair Moments from Down Under

We could have shown you 200.

Sadly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's three-week whirlwind tour of New Zealand and Australia comes to an end Friday. Meaning now is a perfect time to reminisce: On the perfect dresses accessorized with puppies, the bilbies, the sheep, the butt-naked guysPrince George and, most importantly, the Duchess' physical appearance. 

We've analyzed the fashion in every photo op, but we haven't really done her hair justice. Let's remedy that. 

While it's easy to be blinded by that long, wavy chestnut perfection, regardless of the styling, she actually got somewhat creative with her 'dos over the course of the tour. She modified her signature half-up, half-down look in some interesting -- and YouTube-tutorial-begging-to-be-made -- ways, and Mother Nature even stepped in a few times to add an, um, avant garde touch.

Click through to see KMid's 20 most memorable hair moments down under.  

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