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Everything Kate Middleton Wore Down Under

The parade of fashion that was the Duchess's tour of New Zealand and Australia has sadly come to an end.

We want to be excited that it's Friday, but we can't, because although the weekend is imminent, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's tour of New Zealand and Australia has come to an end.

And while we do hope the couple and their cardigan-wearing baby can relax and have a little privacy now, we are going to miss seeing and analyzing every item of clothing the Duchess puts on her body. As silly as it sounds, it was an important trip for her style evolution. Her choices were safe (understandably), but noteworthy. There was symbolism: Her clever incorporation of ferns, New Zealand's national symbol, onto dresses and coats; her decision to wear yellow as a nod to Australia's national colors and the re-wearing of a suit in remembrance of a devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

She also chose and interesting mix of designers: More Americans than we expected (Tory Burch, Rebecca Taylor and, on Friday, Michael Kors), a young Australian label (Zimmermann), and a lot of Alexander McQueen.

To give us a little joy before it's all over, we've decided to round up every single thing she's worn since landing in New Zealand all the way back on April 9. (It feels like it was just yesterday that she was exiting a plane while having a near-Marilyn-Monroe-experience.)

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