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Katy Perry's Grass-Green Hair Is Really Growing On Us (HAHA)

More like Katydid Perry! HEHEHEHEHEE.
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We weren't so sure about Katy Perry's new "slime green" hair when we first saw it freshly dyed via her Instagram on Monday. OK, we'll admit: We hated it. Despite our apparent undying fascination with unnaturally-colored tresses, her Kermit hued 'do just wasn't working for us.

But our Grinch (also green!)-like hearts shifted gears when we saw photos of Perry's grassy bob under professional lighting -- and styling, we're sure -- at a Tuesday night press event for Congressional candidate Marianne Williamson. The dye job -- which sort of ombrés from Perry's black roots to lime, and finally to a truer emerald -- is way more vibrant than we'd initially thought. Think: Springtime, new life, budding branches and cute tree frogs... rather than that awful, pukey tinge your hair gets from swimming in chlorinated pools all summer. BEEN THERE.

Plus, it's refreshing to see a celeb try a dye that isn't typically associated with Easter eggs and unicorns. Amphibians and insects need human ambassadors too, after all. Is it too soon to start calling her 'Katydid'?

PS: Props to WSJ's Preetma Singh for doing it first ;)

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