Kim Kardashian Nails Sexy Tuxedo Dressing

We're just so proud.

There are some celebrities -- Cate Blanchett, child prodigy Kiernan Shipka -- who you can trust to dominate red carpet dressing, 100 percent of the time. Kim Kardashian is not one of them. Her career as a budding fashion star has been a bronze medal figure skating performance: There are some beautiful, elegant moments, but the viewer lives in constant fear of a nasty misstep (see: disco ball crop tops).

But on Tuesday night, the Vogue cover girl gave us a perfect 10 of a short program, at a press event for congressional candidate Marianne Williamson of all places. Enough of the skating metaphors. Kim crushed it. Complemented with minimal accessories (that perfect sliver of a "Nori" nameplate necklace!) and slicked-back fashion girl hair, this tux look is a departure from Kardashian's typically feminine vibe, and that's what makes it so good.

Sure, there's ample cleavage and a smokey eye happening -- you can't stray too far off brand, can you? -- but the cut of the tux and draped Faith Connexion pants give Kim K a sleek, semi-androgynous look that we frankly didn't expect her to pull off.

To you, Kim Kardashian, we tip our hats. May there be many more looks like this in your future.