Lululemon Pokes Fun at Its Own PR Disaster for April Fool's

Why put on see-through pants when you can just spray them on?

Is this the first implementation of Lululemon's new "humility" strategy with which the company recently said it would approach 2014?

In what is clearly an April Fool's joke, Lululemon promoted a new "product" on its homepage Tuesday: "Spray-On Yoga Pants."

"Designed for lightweight flexibility and versatility, our newest innovation, Spray-On Yoga Pants, will take us to a through our practice without the fuss," reads the hilarious description. Of course, Lululemon can't take all the credit. The joke is based on Jimmy Kimmel Live skit from a few days ago, which you can watch below.

The stunt is a clear nod to 2013's see-through pants scandal, which ultimately wasn't funny at all: It resulted in the exits of the company's CEO and chief product officer and, compounded with increasing competition, likely contributed to the brand's slowing sales last year. So while the spray-on pants stunt may be a joke, it's likely also a strategic attempt to get consumers to like the company again.

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Is it working?