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Nina Agdal Will Never Get Used to Seeing Her Butt Everywhere

It sounds like we'll be seeing a lot more of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover star this year. And could her forthcoming projects involve high fashion?
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Danish model Nina Agdal seems to be everywhere lately.

Whether it's the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue or a gossip rag linking her to some famous modelizer, that tanned skin and endless mane of beach blonde hair is suddenly inescapable. She even had a bit of a high-fashion moment recently on the debut print edition of online luxury accessories magazine Editorialist, for which she wore a Tom Ford dress that left one sizable boob uncovered.

In a show of support to the magazine that kept one of her boobs hidden behind fabric (more than can be said for Sports Illustrated), Agdal stopped by a dinner last night to celebrate Editorialist's ongoing partnership with the CFDA to highlight U.S. accessories designers.

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"It was really revealing but at the same time we kept it so classy," she told us over cocktails of the dress. "These ladies [co-founders Stefania Allen and Kate Davidson Hudson] really know what they're doing and I was so proud to be a part of it."

She described the Editorialist experience as being "obviously very different" from the SI shoot because she was "wearing clothing," but says doesn't feel more comfortable in one environment than the other. "I just show up and do my job."

Still, she has one of the most visible bodies in the biz right now and we couldn't help but wonder if she's gotten used to seeing her...assets...everywhere. "I don't think anybody would ever get used to that. Even when I see myself in an ad or on a post, I don't even feel like it's me; I feel like it's someone else. I think a lot of models feel that way."

Well, she'd better try to get used to it. It sounds like we'll be seeing even more of Agdal this year as she plans to ride the Sports Illustrated cover wave to its fullest potential. "I'm just working hard to make the most out of this cover and make this next year my best year so far, so I definitely have a lot of exciting things coming up."

It will be particularly interesting to see if she ends up going down the high-fashion path she started on with Editorialist.