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Welcoming Nina Frazier Hansen to 'Fashionista'

We've just hired our first creative director.

We are so pleased to welcome Nina Frazier Hansen to the Fashionista family as our very first creative director.

As many of you pointed out during our recent redesignFashionista is growing up -- and Nina is going to be a big part of moving us forward, determining the aesthetic of the site and our market work, improving the quality of our images, and helping us tell stories in new ways (get ready for a lot more original photography and video). She'll also be helping us create more beautiful visual experiences on platforms including Instagram and Pinterest.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Nina first at Mashable, where she led a team of designers and illustrators to tell visual stories (and some fun infographics). I have always been so impressed with both the quality of her work and her work ethic (seriously, I don't think anyone at Mashable pulled more all-nighters), and her frank sense of humor. She also has, of course, great personal style.

While Nina's very talented with a camera and Photoshop, she's also a solid reporter, and so you'll be seeing her byline on the site too.

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Please join us in welcoming Nina to Fashionista!