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Nora's Versatile T-Shirt Dress

You know what'll look GREAT with this dress? TEVAS.

I'll admit that most of my dresses resemble maternity wear (hey -- I'll save money when the time actually comes!), but sometimes the mood strikes to embrace my God (and Double Stuf Oreo)-given figure. 

This slinky little t-shirt dress from Topshop may be tight, but it's also super comfy. It's not one of those overly-constrictive, bandage-like bodycon numbers. And as far as night-out dresses go, I'd almost call it cozy. Almost.

It's also something you can dress up or down. I'll definitely be pairing this with my black Tevas for an athletic daytime vibe, then switching them out for some heeled booties in the evening. Even though I have WAY too many dresses, when something's this versatile... it's a little hard to resist. 

Midi ribbed trim dress, $50, available at Topshop

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